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Mission Statement



“Work hard, be smart & honor relationships”

It’s simple and it works. That’s what it takes to be successful in this business and that’s what I intend to do. It has worked for me in my career and some of the words were chosen because I’ve seen it not being done slowly hurting a business by eroding it’s foundation.

After all, that’s what a Mission Statement is meant to be, a foundation.

I’ve been successful in my career and I’ve been successful in helping other businesses prosper and grow. So with a combination of what I was taught growing up & what I’ve learned along the way I boil it down to this.

At whatever I do, I try to do the best I can. I’m not always the best or the brightest but I always feel I need to keep focused on what is the job at hand and commit within myself to do it – do it right – & aim to impress.

I was careful choosing the words because my first choice was to work smart. A popular phrase, which I buy into but can sometimes be confused with being lazy…which it’s not. But I wanted to use Be Smart so as not to blur the line. If I try to choose wisely in decision making processes along the way – I will work smart.. I have seen way too many people make decisions based on some ulterior motive other than simply, what makes sense.

Most likely the most important of the three. It affects almost everything I do in life. Personally and professionally. Working with vendors, customers, family members & friends. It’s also just as important to choose wisely who I work with and who I interact with on a regular basis (refer to #2). But Honor the relationship in order to make those choices wisely along the way.


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