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ADC Fiberguide

The ADC Fiberguide is a fiber management system offering the greatest breadth of optical raceway products.

Available in a variety of sizes:

2×2 Ideal for smaller installations or for vertical routing of a maximum of four hundred 2 mm fiber optic patch cords. 2×2 Fiberguide products are shipped with covers.

2×6 Designed for height restricted environments, this robust system provides the same support and system flexibility of the traditional 4-inch-high system while saving 2 inches of overhead space. It features a maximum capacity of 1,200, 2 mm patch cords.

4×4 Features the maximum capacity to support 1,600, 2 mm patch cords. It has been engineered to allow straight sections to be self-supporting over a span of up to 6 feet.

4×6 Features the same benefits of the 4-inch system and a maximum trough capacity of 2,400, 2 mm patch cords.

4×12 The 12-inch-wide trough has a maximum capacity to support nearly 5,000, 2 mm patch cords. It is perfect for runs over fiber frame lineups and perimeter routes.

4×24 The 4×24-inch system is the ultimate raceway solution to securely route and protect patch cords over high-density optical distribution frames. Designed for maximum capacity, this robust system provides the same support and flexibility as the traditional 4×12-inch system while doubling capacity.

ADC Fiberguide is a raceway system designed to protect and route fiber optic patch cords, multi-fiber cable assemblies and inter-facility fiber cable (iFc) to and from fiber splice enclosures, fiber distribution frames and fiber optic terminal devices. Fiberguide ensures a two-inch minimum bend radius is maintained throughout the system. tool-less, snap-fit junctions, cover options and Plenum express exit drops significantly reduce the amount of time required for installation.

The Fiberguide system is a complete set of products designed and manufactured to ensure total off-frame protection and ease of use. basic components include horizontal and vertical straight sections, horizontal and vertical elbows, downspouts, junctions and numerous support hardware and flex-tube kits.