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Burndy Compression Lugs

We stock LOTS of crimp lugs. From 12awg up to 750mcm flex lugs. 1/4″x 5/8″cc – 1/4″x 3/4″cc – 1/4″x 1″cc or 3/8″x 1″cc or 1/2″x 1.75″cc. Single hole lugs, double hole lugs, fork-tongue or split tongue lugs.
Outdoor Cell sites or Tower grounding lugs – long barrel, with or without inspection lugs, #2 tinned white die lugs, universal spacing on #2 and #6 lugs

Need them with 45deg bends or 90deg bends? You tell me – what size cable, what hole size & configuration – I’ll find it.
Inline splices – or Inline reducers Hy-Link Hy-Splice YSR;
H-Taps with black covers, H-taps with clear covers YH292CWC, YH292CWCC, YH2929WC, YH2929WCC;
You know the part number – Great! You don’t know the part#? Let’s figure it out…

YA6CL2TC14 pictured above

  • YA6CL2TC14E – #6 lug blue die, 2 hole with 1/4″ holes 1/2″ center to center (cc) spacing
  • YA6CL2TC14 – #6 lug blue die, 2 hole with 1/4″ holes 5/8″ center to center (cc) spacing
  • YA6CL2TC14E2 – #6 lug blue die, 2 hole with 1/4″ holes 3/4″ center to center (cc) spacing
  • YA6CL2TC14E1 – #6 lug blue die, 2 hole with 1/4″ holes 1″ center to center (cc) spacing

YA34L2NT38FX pictured above

  • YA34L2NT38FX – 350 flex lug blue die, 2 hole with 3/8″x 1″cc Narrow Tongue

YA44L2NT38FX pictured above

  • YA44L2NT38FX- 750 flex lug yellow die, 2 hole with 3/8″x 1″cc Narrow Tongue
  • YA38L2NT38FX – 500 flex lug pink die, 2 hole with 3/8″x 1″cc Narrow Tongue

YA44L2NTCFX pictured above

  • YA44L2NTCFX – 750 flex yellow die, 2 hole 1/2″x 1.75″cc Narrow Tongue
  • YA38L2NTCFX – 500 flex pink die, 2 hole 1/2″x 1.75″cc Narrow Tongue

Burndy® Lugs are a part of the Burndy Engineered System, designed to provide dependable connections for the electrical and telecommunications, industrial and energy industries. These copper lugs note the die index number and are marked to show cable size with bands that correspond to color markings on the proper installation die. Two-hole lugs are ideal for bus bar applications that require two bolts to prevent lug rotation. One-hole lugs are intended for standard use. Long-barrel Burndy lugs are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications and allow for additional crimping for added mechanical strength. Short-barrel lugs are for more regular-duty applications and work well in confined spaces.

RUSH Telecom Pro also carries Burndy Break-Away HYLUG compression terminals. These two-hole compression lugs have a slotted second hole providing flexibility to conform to various bus bar applications. The Break-Away HYLUG lug is easily converted to a one-hole lug in the field without the need for specialty tooling. These Burndy Break-Away lugs have their UL listing and CSA certification intact whether used for one-hole or two-hole lug applications. All Burndy lugs provide a permanent connection, in central office power and grounding applications, with a high degree of reliability.